Full country name: Japan (Nihon)
Area: 377,435 sq km (234,010 sq mi)
Population: 126.5 million
Capital city: Tokyo (pop 11 million)
People: Japanese (including indigenous Ainu & Okinawans), Korean
System of Government: Representative Democracy
Literacy Rate: 99%
Ethnic Background: Japanese
Religion: The Japanese are very tolerant of different faith and it is not unusual for an individual to subscribe to more than one. Most Japanese will marry in the Shinto faith and be buried in the Buddhist faith. In 1991, 86% of the population practised Shintoism, 77% Buddhism, 1.2% Christianity, and 9% other non-Christian faiths
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Emperor Akihito

Japanese History

Links which help you learn about Japanese history and historical events in Japan 

History of Japanese Currencies
The origin and establishment of Japanese currency system. Includes links to pictures of old currencies.

Japanese History
Summary of Japanese history with a list of major periods, by Japan Information network.

Japan Document Center Database
This database includes bibliographic information as well as English abstracts.

The National Museum of Japanese History
Introduction, access, and admission information of the museum.



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