Here are all the mascots in World Cup history. It was invented to the 1966 tournament in England. And from then on, each World Cup has had one (or two as in 1974). They have been popular symbols, and millions of people have bought copies of them.

England 1966 - 
"World Cup Willie"
A lion playing football.
Mexico 1970 -
A little boy.
West Germany 1974 - 
"Tip & Tap"
Two happy boys.
Argentina 1978 - "Gauchito"
A little boy.
Spain 1982 -
A smiling orange.
Mexico 1986 -
A chilipepper.
Italy 1990 -
Not easy to see what this is. It must be some kind of sculpture.
United States 1994 - "Striker"
A smiling dog.
France 1998 -
A smiling cockerel.


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