Vítor Borba Ferreira "Rivaldo"

born in: Recife (Brazil)
on: 19 April 1972
height: m. 1,86
weight: kg. 76
position: midfield
international: gp 46, gs 25
international debut: March 1994, v Argentina
world cups played:
transfer fee: 27,0

The left footed mid-forward possess an exceptional technical quality, ability and vision of game. Extraordinarily precise in the pass, he move with great intelligence within the field and knows the one which more suits to their team in all moment. To everything, he adds a potent shooting to target and a notable goal-scoring instinct. He is capable of breaking a defense of the most unimaginable form and he don't hesitate to lean on continually in their companions or in displacing the zone of attack for all, until he find the enough space in order to give loose rein to his imagination.


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