Travel Within Korea

By Rail    

The Korean National Railways operate reliable, quick and inexpensive train services in Korea. There is an extensive network and 3 types of trains, Super Express (Saemaeul-ho), Express (Mugunghwa-ho) and Limited Express (Tong-il-ho). 

Rail information in English: Seoul 02-392-7811

By Air

  South Korea has two domestic carriers, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines and they cover most of the main cities flying from Seoul. The weekend fares, Fri-Sun, are more than the weekday ones, Mon-Thurs. Flights to any domestic destination are usually an hour or under.


By Bus 

Buses in Korea are 2 types, Express buses and Inter-city buses and they often run on time. Express buses are non-stop except for rest stops of 10 minutes every 2 hours and has two seating arrangements, First class (udung) or second class (chikhaeng). 

The Seoul Express Bus Terminal (02-782-5551/2) is on Seoul City Subway Line 3, south of the Han River. It has buses departing to Jeonju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, Incheon and Gwangju.


 By Ferry  

Route Busan to Jeju



Vessel Cozy Island & Treasure Island
Frequency 6 times per week
Time/Fare 11 hrs. 30 mins. US$19 - 185
Ticketing Seoul 02-730-7788
Busan 051-463-0605
Jeju 064-751-1901
Route Busan to Seogwipo
Vessel Jeju 3
Frequency Once a day, every Mon. Wed. Fri.
Time/Fare 15 hrs. US$26
Ticketing Busan 051-463-0605
Seogwipo 064-732-0020

By Taxis  

The 2 types of taxi operating in Korea are the general taxi and the black deluxe taxi (mobeom). Flag fall is 1,300 won for 2km in a general taxi and 3,000 won 3km for deluxe taxis.There is a 20% surcharge between midnight and 4am for general taxis.

Also can avail a taxi by phone on 1588 8001 or 1588 9001


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